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Youngest child of six , Sarah is honored to be exploring the beautiful state of California while experiencing great opportunities that she is open to explore . She is currently a licensed ZUMBA and Kickboxing Instructor, and is thriving to enhance her knowledge about the fitness industry. During her stay in Ojai this summer she wishes to establish new relationships with fellow fitness enthusiasts and help others feel wonderful & stress-free about living a healthier life style . Sarah is studying Fitness & Wellness Leadership at Plattsburgh State along with minors in Athletic Coach, Business, & Marketing.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Certified Personal Fitness Trainer: Success!

After a long & tedious year of studying I have finally gained my title of being a certified personal fitness trainer . I can no longer be hard on myself about getting this certification because the hard work finally paid off .  Now to move on to the next thing because this little lady is checking this right off of her  to - do list !

Hmmmm what to tackle next  : ]

Monday, October 17, 2011

California Internship Makes Plattsburgh State's Home Page!

As of this past week my internship at The Oaks has been broadcasted on my college website : www.plattsburgh.edu for all to see =]
(( Click the link provided here then click on the homepage ))

It feels VERY rewarding to have the support from so many people about what I have a STRONG passion for in life !  Not only do I have the support from my family , friends & co - workers , but the faculty & staff members here at Plattsburgh State as well .  Sharing an experience such as this with those interested in wanting to make a name for themselves is something every person should shrive for .  Not many individuals have the confidence to speak in front of a crowd of people , so I myself would like to help encourage those interested.  Having such a strong character trait such as this will not only enhance your personality & public speaking skills , but it will make yourself more marketable to the work force !

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AGAIN & YES anything is possible !

Be Positive - Stay Determined & always put your best foot forward at all times .

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wolfpack !

Well , week three of classes has finally come to a close & a numerous amount of mileage has been racked up in these legs thus far .   Tomorrow morning my team & I will be traveling to Middlebury , Vermont for our first away cross country meet of the season .  We have been training super hard & we are definitely ready for what this season has in store for us ! !

At the close of last week our coach had mentioned to us that he would be leaving us due to another job offer this week . . . .  It came by COMPLETE SURPRISE to all of us & many were heart broken .   Emotions were at it's highest peak but thankfully we had our assistant track coach to fill his shoes for this season !   Just because we have lost a very important aspect of our team , does not mean we have not learned anything from the years before or aren't capable of moving on . . . Both the men & woman's squads are on a mission this year and that is to prove to our selves we DO have the self motivation to compete fiercely with our season as we anticipated to !  All this means now is that we have more of a hunger for competition & to dedicate this season to our Coach John Lynch in honor of all of his hard work and dedication for our team throughout the years !

Tomorrow as we begin to line up as a squad on the starting line , a few thoughts will be running through our minds . . .   THANK YOU LYNCH FOR WHAT YOU HAVE MADE US TODAY - THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK & DEDICATION - & MOST OF ALL THANK YOU FOR SHOWING US THAT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE WHEN YOU PUT YOUR MIND TO IT !   Progression is key . . .

"For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack.''

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Long Way From.... California

Good Morning all '

So it is day two of this HORRIBLE weather & man . . . . What's a girl gotta do to get some pleasant sunshine & warmth around here ! ?  As titled from a previous post & the article that a coworker from The Oaks wrote about me , " A Long Way From Long Island "  I decided to turn the tables a bit and reflect how California has impacted me for the better .  As I sit here with my pumpkin spice coffee and begin to reflect my thoughts on how I have grown . . . I became very aware that this past summer was a HUGE turning point in my life.  For many reasons than just one -

Working as an intern at The Oaks allowed myself to grow mentally , spiritually , & without a doubt MUSCULARITY because of the numerous hours I set forth towards teaching - leading hikes - running - etc . . .  Because of this I have been able to make stronger connections with myself to truly understand what my purpose in life is . . . . & that is to inform - educate - and motivate those who are in need to focus on what should be a huge factor in their lives .  Which should be their health & well-being , and more importantly how to better connect with themselves to live a positive - regret free life style .  Because of this strong connection , clients I may work with or friends / family members I may provide advice to will start to hold their heads up a little higher than usual knowing they are making positive & rewarding changes within their lifestyle .

In addition to my recent posts , I will continue to provide some more photos from my trip knowing that some may be curious as to what my 1800 plus photos may consist of .   On that note , I look forward to teaching my first ZUMBA class here at the college for the Fall 2011 semester on Thursday night as last school year's classes were such a great SUCCESS =]  Ciao

Thursday, September 1, 2011

"....Back to school. To prove to Dada I am not a fool."

Happy back to school week !   Well as I mentioned before , I promised to continue my blog through out my time here at Plattsburgh State.  Hopefully your interests will continue to follow as I'll discuss fitness & wellness and how it plays a role into my life . . . .  and into my career as well !  Working at The Oaks this summer has been a TREMENDOUS confidence booster to help enhance my complex knowledge of fitness training & running an actual business as well .  During my senior year I will be working at the fitness center here on campus as a supervisor , will be teaching ZUMBA and Total Body Blast classes , compete in my final seasons of cross country & track , & oh yeah taking 18 credits worth of classes !

I'm not quiet sure as to what my main emphases will be for this next chapter of the blog ,  so please any ideas would be great !  I'm sure most of you can relate to the hectic schedules we may come across through out our lives . . . . So a few things I would like to emphases is be sure to take care of your health , manage your time properly , & allow your self to have some down time away from the ciaos we encounter! G'Night xo

Sunday, August 21, 2011

* The Top 10 *

Hey all !  Well as most of you may know - my internship finally came to an end this week. . . . sadly .  I just would like to thank EVERYONE who made this experience for me eventful , special ,  & of course MEMORABLE !  I have learned many new tools for my toolbox , and I look forward to sharing them with everyone once I am back in Plattsburgh !  I returned to Long Island Wednesday afternoon & let me tell you I DO NOT MISS THIS HORRIBLE HUMIDITY one bit !  But as promised from my last post , here are my TOP 10 HIGHLIGHTS FROM MY INTERNSHIP =]

1.  Power outage in all of Ojai, Guests flip out as they were watching the season finale of The Bachelor & the power shuts down .
2.  Hiking to the HOLLYWOOD sign & going to LA INK =]
3.  The smell of ALL of the citrus fruits growing in the town .
4.  THE AMAZINGLY HEALTHY MEALS served at The Oaks !
5.  The Oaks guests & EMPLOYEES .
6.  Six Flags , Universal Studios , MUSCLE BEACH , Ventura County Fair , etc
7.  Having my photos taken for a NEW & UP COMING SHOW on the Oxygen Network called , Love Scouts .
8.  Learning new routines for classes
9. Ben comes to visit! Exploring the Matilija Canyons to the Hot and Cold Springs & almost getting ran over by an old man on the bike path . . . HEADS UP ! ! ! !
10.  LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, the true beauty that the state of California carries !  From the
mountains , to the chic boutique stores ,  & the smiling faces of every person you pass while walking through town !

[ This list can totally continue past 10 & it was even hard to just list 10 ]

Well there you have it . . . . now to continue with yet another adventure . . . . SENIOR YEAR OF COLLEGE !   Stay posted as I will continue to share information about fitness & wellness , and share the life of a wild and crazy runner as she tackles all obstacles she faces ( school , work , personal training , teaching , competing in her last year of XC & track , etc . . . )  <3

Monday, August 15, 2011

"Closing Time, Open All Doors & Let You Out Into The World"

Stay tuned for my TOP 10 HIGHLIGHTS from working here at The Oaks this summer . . . .  As I begin to pack my things, say my "see you later's", & gather my last minute photos as I head back to the east coast with a bang!

. . . . every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end .