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Youngest child of six , Sarah is honored to be exploring the beautiful state of California while experiencing great opportunities that she is open to explore . She is currently a licensed ZUMBA and Kickboxing Instructor, and is thriving to enhance her knowledge about the fitness industry. During her stay in Ojai this summer she wishes to establish new relationships with fellow fitness enthusiasts and help others feel wonderful & stress-free about living a healthier life style . Sarah is studying Fitness & Wellness Leadership at Plattsburgh State along with minors in Athletic Coach, Business, & Marketing.

Monday, October 17, 2011

California Internship Makes Plattsburgh State's Home Page!

As of this past week my internship at The Oaks has been broadcasted on my college website : www.plattsburgh.edu for all to see =]
(( Click the link provided here then click on the homepage ))

It feels VERY rewarding to have the support from so many people about what I have a STRONG passion for in life !  Not only do I have the support from my family , friends & co - workers , but the faculty & staff members here at Plattsburgh State as well .  Sharing an experience such as this with those interested in wanting to make a name for themselves is something every person should shrive for .  Not many individuals have the confidence to speak in front of a crowd of people , so I myself would like to help encourage those interested.  Having such a strong character trait such as this will not only enhance your personality & public speaking skills , but it will make yourself more marketable to the work force !

THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH AGAIN & YES anything is possible !

Be Positive - Stay Determined & always put your best foot forward at all times .